By Cheryl Fish

I’m beginning this photo album at the end…dessert! Joann Roth-Oseary loves doing dessert trios, so I thought I’d offer the designdawg pack three tasty ideas for events for the Winter-Spring season. Designing dessert presentations is like designing events. First you need a focal point and then you can create the “fluff” around it.

This delicious dessert trio was designed for an automobile corporation. The goal was to design a dessert that had unique form and structure. The plate became our “showroom floor” that beautifully showcased the latest dessert delicacies.

Sweet and Structural Desserts
From bottom to top: A chocolate bombe encircled with a necklace of mini macarons; a white chocolate and blood orange creamsicle; an almond tuille filled with a cannoli.

LUSH AND LOUD   Lush, and loud…by loud I mean an event that speaks its mind with strong design and culinary statements. Here are three that don’t pull any punches!

The Big “B”
The decor and menu for this event revolved around a retirement party for a film executive. It was imperative to brand the send-off party with details that defined the honoree. His last name began with “B” so that was a natural, but better yet, upon retirement he planned to focus more on his hobby — bee keeping!
The theme came in loud and clear. A walk-around library with “B” book ends was a nod to the film libraries the executive had developed at the movie studio. A dramatic 12-foot high, three-dimensional bee hive creation sat in the center of the large comfort food buffet in the Bee Hive Lounge where guests could enjoy “Hot-from-the-Hive” honey spreads consisting of creamy mango, lemon, cinnamon and cranberry honey.
Caviar Chic
The inspiration for this event color palette originated from the Pantone colors of Honeysuckle, Regatta and Silver Cloud. The caviar station was presented on a custom sculpture of four vertical Plexi colonnades faced with a brushed platinum patter that was illuminated from within. The columns provided the framework for the elegant display of caviar, toast points, blinis and baby new potatoes that were tiered on varying level upon large, glass platforms. Bundles of monochromatic flowers were placed in a collection of modern vessels.
And the Envelope Please!
It was loud and clear who the nominees were at this event. VIPs entered the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Foreign Language Film Awards through a hallway that literally spelled out the titles of the nominated films. Each was vibrantly lighted in rotating LED hues.

REFINED SUGAR   Refinement doesn’t have to mean bland. Here, is sweetness that doesn’t cloy; a taste of sugar that adds no calories…with the exception of a few teeny calories in this first example!

An Out of This World Dessert
At SITK, we meet with our pastry chef to discuss possibilities for outrageous desserts that reflect the themes of events. For a Seventh Heaven theme, our chef created a chocolate bombe surrounded by a flurry of white cotton candy topped with a white chocolate, gold-embossed angel.
Seventh Heaven
At that same event, tablescapes on the six, 32-foot sprawling tables were embellished with mirrored stars, translucent vessels, glistening candles and huge poofs of white hydrangea, roses and dahlias, sky blue napkins and white, fluffy table linens swathed the tables in powder pink, sky blue and light lilac.
A French Boudoir
We created a sensual vibe by introducing a color palette of passionate purple, ravishing red and bold black. The central buffet was swathed in black satin and etoile flocked fabrics. A dramatic cornice box, constructed with recessed lighting, was supported with upholstered columns. The buffet offered an array of appetizers that were beautifully embellished with rose pomander balls and unusual vessels. The spectacular structure was drizzled with hundreds of crystal orbs that cascaded over the station. Clusters of violet rose patterns bathed the ceiling and surrounding walls in light.
Flying High
A sleek plate designed as a runway starter course. From the top: a lobster martini with citrus vinaigrette and candied pistachios; cucumber avocado soup with chive oil; a Vidalia onion hay stack; watermelon beet soup with creme fraiche; and a chanterelle mushroom pancetta and Crescenza cheese tart.
Up, Up and Away
At that same event, two 100-foot long, runway-like dining tables were precisely positioned inside an airplane hangar with the unexpected placement of a vintage JU52 plane in the background. It felt as though the plane was actually circling inside the hangar, intensifying the vibe of the event. Metallic platinum linen, sleek candelabra and dollops of clustered floral conveyed the beauty of this feat of engineering.
Night Cap Lounge
After a dinner party, guests were surprised when French doors opened off a dining room to reveal a late night lounge. The outside patio had been tented which was then draped and pleated with white fabric. Dramatic black chandeliers and a flickering fireplace added a warm glow that complemented the glow of friendship in the setting.

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