13 Tips to Pull Off the Perfect Summer

By   Azure

Summertime is the perfect time for outdoor I Do’s! You can check snow, sleet, and frigid temps off your list of wedding planning worries, and count on walking the aisle bronzed and beautiful with the sun shining bright.

However, every season, including summer, presents challenges for brides and grooms, but luckily we’re here to help you execute the summer wedding of your dreams!

If you follow the tips below as you plan your special day, you can sleep easy knowing that just about everything will go off without a hitch!

1. Timing is everything. Work with your photographer to plan your pictures and portrait sessions ahead of time. Right around noon the sun will be directly overhead casting unflattering shadows, so you’ll want to avoid taking photos and exchanging vows during the noon hour.

2. Choose hearty blooms. The heat of summer can do a number on freshwedding flowers, so make sure to select blooms that will maintain their beauty throughout the entire day. Or, keep fresh flowers to a minimum and get creative with other decor (like lanterns, paper flowers, succulents, feathers, etc.).

3. Think long and hard before booking a venue without AC. If the wedding venue of your dreams is not equipped with air conditioning, then summertime nuptials may not be in your cards. Be open to a change of venue or season to ensure you, your groom, and guests are comfortable and cool.

4. Consider a warm weather friendly theme or wedding guest dress code. There are plenty of wedding themes that work well for summertime, and allow you and your guests to dress to impress without overheating. Think Hamptons, Luau, or Barefoot on the Beach, rather than Black Tie and formal dress codes which are not conducive to the summer sizzle.

5. Avoid a blushing bride heat wave with a breathable, lightweight wedding dress. If you’re getting hitched in summer, then a big frothy ball gown is not the best choice. Instead choose a gown with minimal beading and layering, in a lightweight fabric like jersey, charmeuse, chiffon, crepe or cotton.

6. Opt for ceremony programs that double as fans, or provide guests with parasols for the outdoor portion of your nups. So that you don’t have wedding guests dropping like flies as you become husband and wife, these are two great options to keep them shaded and staying cool!

7. Have ample refreshments on hand. Make sure you, your wedding party and everyone in attendance has easy access to water by incorporating refreshment stations at the ceremony and reception.

8. Hire a seasoned MUA who knows how to keep sweat and shine to a minimum. Splurging on a great photographer will be a waste if your wedding day makeup can’t withstand the heat! So hire a makeup artist who’s been around the block and knows the right products to combat shine and sweat.

9. Ensure shade at the altar. So that you’re not squinting into your groom’s eyes, or straining to read the vows you worked so hard to write, choose your outdoor ceremony location wisely, and consider erecting an arbor or similar structure that will provide shade for you and your soon-to-be.

10. Keep calm and stay hydrated. Don’t let your nerves get the best of you, or a rowdy rehearsal dinner leave you parched on your big day. Focus on taking deep breaths, staying calm and collected, and make sure to drink lots and lots of water!

11. Choose a breezy bridal updo. While you may have your heart set on aromantic all-down wedding hairstyle, wearing your hair all-up will keep you cooler in the sun. If you just can’t part with the all-down ‘do, save it for the reception once the sun has set for the night.

12. Eliminate bum burns with chair covers or cushions. If your guests will be seated outdoors while the sun is shining, make sure to cover your chairs! Otherwise your memorable ceremony could be interrupted by yelping wedding guests as they’re directed to take their seats.

13. Serve light and fresh fare rather than heavy hors d’oeuvres. No one wants to feast on heavy, fried foods while dining al fresco during the summer months. So choose your menu accordingly, and serve dishes that are refreshing and light (think fruit skewers, sushi, gazpacho shots, shrimp cocktail, etc.).


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