Mobilization for your business today

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By Linda Boatman

Mobile apps are here to stay. Many of us engaged daily with some form of mobile apps for communications, social comfort, payments, updates, media, and the latest trends. Our phone ia a vital tool and we don’t leave home without. Most of us will invest in a top of phone or tablet to keep our social presents. We access the internet from our mobile device in a matter of seconds and use them more that desktops or laptop.

Here a list of the top applications (apps) to grow, run and keep your business going.


  1. A card reader to process payments with a tablet or phone, Square.
  2. Create your own blog from anywhere, Tumblr.
  3. Keep track of the people and post that matters to you.  Inbox for Twitter, Facebook, Email, and LinkedIn, Cloze.
  4. Get a smart assistant to get things done or you, Easilydo.
  5. Intelligent solution for document,  scanning for small businesses and organizations, CamScanner.
  6. Best password manager in one place, Dashlane.
  7. Create a budget and manage your money, Mint.
  8. Control doors, lights, automate electronics with SmartThings.
  9. Turn ordinary moments into quality videos, Montaj.
  10. Keep track of receipts, your time and mileage for your business with Expensify.
  11. A mobile for your phone to navigate real-time traffic, maps and turn by turn direction, Waze.
  12. Record calls for later, share files together, create conference calls and meeting Speek.

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