Newly Engaged Couples

T’was the night before New Years

And all Through the house,

The girlfriend was angry

She wasn’t a spouse!

She hoped for the joy

That Christmas would bring.

But Christmas had passed,

And she still had not ring!

They’d been together

for over two years.

Long term commitment

That must be his fear.

She thought, “That’s the reason

That I’m, still single.”

I’m breaking it off!

Then the phone gave a jingle.

“Come outside,” said the voice,

And then went away.

She opened the door,

And there was a sleigh!

He whisked her away,

Grinned like a fox

Got down on one knee

And opened the box.


T’was the first day of the New Year

Her eyes opened wide.

“Yesterday, I’m a girlfriend.

Today, I’m a bride!”

She started to panic

“There’s so much to do!

To plan a whole wedding

before I can say I do?”

Then she remembered

Grand Elegance Events ad

and suddenly she

Felt tremendously glad!

Here eyes, how they twinkled!

Her smile seemed to glow!

“I can plan everything at

Grand Elegance Events.”

Reception hall, caterer

Florist and Tux!

Save money, save time

And no acid reflux!

Limo! DJ!

Photographer and Gown!

I won’t have to be running

all over town.

And I heard her exclaim

“I have found all that I need

Now my planning is done.”

I can’t until the day we become one.

“Congratulation Newly Engaged Couples”

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Poem courtesy of Bridal Debut

Photography by Chic Luxury


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