Beginner’s Guide To Periscope: What You Need To Know

Megan Pruitt

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A quick search on Twitter reveals that many people are asking, “What the heck is Periscope?” I am going to try to break down the platform for you on a very basic 101 level. I often see a trend of resistance when a new platform becomes popular. I urge you to give Periscope a try; I think it’s amazing.

What is Periscope?

I want you to think of Periscope as your own live TV station. In more technical terms, Periscope is a live video streaming platform, and I think it is the missing link of social media that many marketers have been waiting for.

What does Periscope do?

Periscope (owned by Twitter) is a platform that allows you to video-record and broadcast to anywhere in the entire world. If you have ever been on Skype, it is a similar experience but, instead of video conferencing with one person, you can stream to the masses.

Who is on Periscope?

One million users joined Periscope in its first ten days. From my observations, Periscope is a completely mixed bag of ages, genders and personalities. In my professional marketing opinion, I feel that this is a platform that will transcend a wide variety of audiences. I can’t wait till Periscope reveals more usage statistics!

What is the Periscope lingo?

So, just like any other social media platform, Periscope has its own language, and my advice is don’t be intimidated. It is just the same as liking and following on Facebook or retweeting and mentioning on Twitter.

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Let’s jump into some terminology:

  • Scoper – A person who is on the Periscope platform
  • Scope – Each time you live-broadcast a session, you are creating a scope. Think of a scope as an individual broadcast session.
  • Hearts – One way Scopers show their love is by tapping on the screen and giving a broadcaster hearts. Periscope will tally up the amount of hearts each user has, and the color of the hearts will correspond with the color assigned to your account.
  • Replay – Currently, Periscope gives the option for Scopers to have their broadcast recorded so other scopes can replay the broadcast.
  • Follow – Scopers follow each other. It is no different than liking a page on Facebook, connecting with a user’s profile on LinkedIn, or following a user on Twitter.

You can sign up with Periscope in two ways. First, you can use Periscope in conjunction with your Twitter account, and second, you can even create a Periscope account by using your cell phone number.

Personally, if you have a Twitter profile, I would for sure use Periscope in conjunction with your account. Each time you scope, you will have the option to push a notification to Twitter in an effort to gain a larger audience.

I think as the platform grows and improves that you will be able to follow Periscope users Twitter profile from the Periscope platform.

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What do people broadcast?

Anything and everything. I documented one night of periscope adventures in another blog post, but to give you an idea, I am going to open Periscope right now and list out a bunch of titles of broadcasts. I will include the good, the bad, and the ugly to give you an accurate representation of the platform.

  • “Here are 35 of my social media beliefs. How many do you agree with?”
  • “30 video topic brainstorm”
  • “Saturday morning heading to the #farmersmarket”
  • “Join me for my 2nd #Yogascope!”
  • “Walking to Notre Dame, early morning”
  • “Impressive Presidential motorcade passing by me right now in New York City. Wave to Obama with me!”
  • “Waiting to pump gas at BJ’s. Quick question for you”

If you’re hesitant to start using Periscope, don’t be nervous! The majority of Periscope users are newbies, too, and I promise you that, with practice, your scopes will become better and more natural. If you are struggling for the subject content, simply announce that it is your first scope and be honest. Each and every person on Periscope has been in your situation.

Why am I so passionate about Periscope?

Time to geek out for a minute… I am obsessed with this platform. I have made a career in social media since businesses first joined Facebook. I was one of the first social media managers managing accounts such as Pep Boys, QVC, Party City, Lane Bryant and many more. I have not been this excited about a “social media” platform in a very long time.

The business applications of this platform are insane. The power of transparent technology will be the next evolution of determining whether a business can be successful or not. Periscope can be used by any brand in new and extremely creative ways. Live streaming technology is the new frontier, folks!

Even more exciting, it reminds me of the early days of Facebook before the platform monetized and placed their focus on making money. Despite celebrities, users have a clean slate to step out really and be popular.


Lobster Boil Party

by Tori

Who says you cannot have a lobster boil in a landlocked state? When event planner Morgan Wetherington (from Nashville, TN) reached out to share this Luxe Lobster Bash I was day dreaming of my own seafood soiree. My favorite elements are the lovely lobster water color paper items and the use of nautical rope. Take a look at the amazing photos:


lobster boil picture 1



From Morgan:

Barbeque is the typical southern fare, but we opted for lobster for this upscale dinner party. For this New England inspired lobster boil, we used a color palate of cherry red, navy, and shades of cream. The La Tavola red rope linen was the perfect choice to include the theme. We incorporated nautical rope, starfish, and of course lobster. The client’s home provided an ideal outdoor space for the venue. We wanted to create a guest experience, everyone loved cracking lobster and flowing conversation.



With each individual place setting, all guests needed to enjoy their lobster was an appetite.












Seasonal cantaloupe, snow peas, and corn on the cob accompanied the lobster. No dinner party is completed without a bar, we even designed a bar area that included a special “Captain Jackson Cocktail”. Each guest left with a seafood seasoning favor to continue the celebration from home. This is a great event concept for any point in the summer whether it is 4th of July or Labor Day.




Styling, Photography, Paper Products :: Commerce Street Events
Linen :: La Tavola Fine Linen
Tableware :: Corzines
Venue :: Private Nashville Resident

Your Personality Color

I was reading this article about certain colors can define your personality. I began to read another article below on more colors and the connection to celebrities’ personalities.  It’s very interesting to know that many people use colors to identify a person’s personality trait.  The personality color determines the unique way a person’s view problem solving, people interactions, relationships and career path choices.  I notice in the articles listed below the author has different meanings to different colors.  Think of your favorite color and read the results. Determine your personality color.


RED – These are the Just Get it Done people. What you see is what you get. Reds don’t leave you wondering what’s on their mind or what they expect of you. Black and white is the only way they see the world. They measure on the bottom line and are point A to point B people. They’re hard workers, dependable, decisive, assertive, and display strong leadership abilities. They need to be in the driver’s seat and in control.


ORANGE – These are the Let’s All Get Along people. Oranges are the caregivers and peacemakers. Caring for and about people is what gives meaning to their lives. They have a strong sense of community and need to be involved in activities that will enrich the lives of others. Oranges are devoted, kind, loyal, good listeners and socially responsible. They strive to create an atmosphere of harmony and cooperation.


YELLOW – These are the Let’s Do It Better people. They’re visionaries who display strong leadership qualities. They’re deep thinkers whose primary purpose in life is to make a difference. Doing things the way they have always been done is not what drives the Yellow. They pride themselves on their problem solving skills and their hallmark is their competency and expertise. When others shy away from a challenge, the Yellow will take it on and find great pleasure in accomplishing what others cannot.


GREEN – These are the Let’s Experience It All people. They have rich vivid imaginations and thrive, flourish, and grow when using their creative abilities. They’re known for creating innovative ideas and novel applications for existing products and services. They’re highly developed in their intuitive skills and would rather trust their hunches than follow their logic. They’re emotional, enthusiastic, passionate, fun loving and definitely march to their own drummer. Their primary purpose in life is to be a catalyst for change.



  • It’s what drives how you think and how you make decisions.
  • It’s what influences who you want to be with and who you choose to avoid.
  • It’s what determines the words you use to communicate.
  • It’s what drives why you jump at some things and procrastinate at other things.
  • It’s what motivates you and forms your value systems.
  • It’s what makes you – you.

There are many paths we can take to find out who we really are. The most direct route comes from harnessing the strengths of personality color. The least direct route comes from other people telling us who we are and what we are capable of achieving. Life continually offers us choices. Understanding personality is one of them.
– Carol Ritberger

Personality: A preference for green shows that a person is a terrific listener who’s never too busy to help a friend in need.

But your ability to put yourself in other people’s shoes is your true gift.

And although you appear innocent at times, your natural curiosity and your understanding of what makes people tick makes you more streetwise than you seem.

Celebs who love the color:
 Julia Roberts, Courteney Cox Arquette

Personality: A passion for red announces loud and clear that a woman is a mover and shaker who does nothing halfway.

Direct and practical with a clear idea of what you want, you let others know exactly where they stand and you establish firm boundaries.

Saying “no” is not a problem for you. As a result, people respect you and listen when you talk.

You can, however, become impatient with others’ inefficiencies.

Celebs who love the color:
Cindy Crawford, Meg Ryan


Personality: A fondness for yellow suggests you’re an optimist who accepts people for who they are and you like to make everyone feel good.

Like other people who love yellow, you tend to extend yourself without expecting anything in return, but you don’t accept kindness easily so it’s hard for others to do nice things for you.

Celebs who love the color:
Tyra Banks, Reese Witherspoon
Personality: A preference for pink comes with a genuine concern for others. It makes you appear angelic – that’s your great strength.

But you need appreciation for your deeds in order to move forward in life.

Celebs who love the color:
 Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Garner

Gold and Bronze
Personality: Women drawn to gold are not the type to sit back and let the world pass them by.

You have high hopes, dreams and ambitions, and you enjoy life to the fullest.

But your passion can also be your downfall, as it causes you to over-schedule and, as a result, feel stressed and overwhelmed at times.

Celebs who love the color:
 Fergie, Allison Janney, Kate Walsh

-The Color of Relationships, Dewey Sadka