12 DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

mini pumpkin jar
Photo Credit: Midwest Living

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. After the turkey is picked out and the menu planned, the next step is often creating the perfect table settings.

A lot of time is spent eating, drinking and talking at the dinner table, so the experience should be enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing. Aside from the food, what makes a great Thanksgiving table is a beautiful, seasonally appropriate centerpiece. Here are a few ideas for DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces that create a cozy atmosphere for your guests.

1. Mini Pumpkin Bell Jar

For a quick and easy centerpiece in a pinch, grab a glass bell jar and a plate. Pile miniature pumpkins, gourds or pine cones on top of the plate and cover with the bell jar. Add some glitz by painting the pumpkins with metallic paint or dipping the pinecones in glitter.

Find the tutorial here.



Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

2. Harvest Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for what you have and sharing in a great meal or harvest.

Bring some of the traditional meaning of the harvest back to the table with this wheat centerpiece. Combine stalks of wheat and dried grasses with some floral tape and tie a lovely satin or jute ribbon around the bunch.

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Photo Credit: Love of Family and Home

3. Rustic Burlap and Twine Centerpiece

This centerpiece combines a lot of elements, but most of the items are cheap, free or recycled.

Create a tiered look by using glass jars of differing heights. Wrap with burlap and jute string.

You can stencil a monogram on the jute or attach a paper rose or leaf, which there are tutorials for. Just add some acorns and a mini pumpkin to complete the whole look.

Find the tutorial here.



Photo Credit: Jenna Burger

4. Log Tealight Centerpiece

To create a high-end centerpiece for less, it’s always a good idea to scour your neighborhood for natural finds.

For this tea light holder, a cut log was rescued from curb pickup and holes were drilled with a 1.5” bit. Depending on the season, other natural elements can be added for more of a dressed up look.

Find the tutorial here.



Photo Credit: My Gourmet Connection

5. Wine Cork Pumpkin

All you wine drinkers out there will love this pumpkin centerpiece made from old corks.

Paint both ends of the corks orange and hot glue together in rows of varying lengths to create the shape of the pumpkin. Create leaves from felt and tie jute string or raffia ribbon for an on-the-vine appearance.

Find the tutorial here.



Photo Credit: Cake Events

6. Sugared Fruit Centerpiece

A classic still-life centerpiece straight from a master painting, sugared fruit is both beautiful and edible.

Assorted fruit, both cut and whole, are brushed with dissolved gelatin and sprinkled with superfine sugar. After standing at room temperature for 24 hours, the fruit is then arranged on a plate, cake stand, or other food display piece, adding edible or silk leaves if desired.

Find the tutorial here.


Photo Credit: Better Home and Garden

7. Painted Acorn Tree

Create some quick table art from the trees where you live.

Paint acorns in warm tones and attach yarn or string. Hang them from a jagged branch placed in a vase of a contrasting color. You could also ask your guests to write something they’re thankful for and hang their responses from the branch.

Find the tutorial here.



Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

8. Copper Leaf Gourds

Metallics are in this season and copper is a great choice for a country inspired setup.

Seasonal gourds are brushed with water-based glue to create a smooth surface. Then, copper leaf is draped around the gourd and smoothed over gently. Wear cotton gloves to avoid smudges on the copper surface.

Find the tutorial here.

fall floral vase

Photo Credit: Woman’s Day

9. Fall Floral Vases

Flowers are always a nice touch during a dinner party.

These vases are made from recycled tin and plastic cans, which are then covered with corn husks and decorative ribbons. Grab a bunch of seasonal blooms in warm fall tones and arrange within the cans. Arrange them along the table or cluster vases of different heights for a charming centerpiece.

Find the tutorial here.



Photo Credit: Food & Wine

10. Cheese and Charcuterie Board

Another edible centerpiece idea is a meticulously arranged cheese and charcuterie board.

Use garnishes and seasonal additions like dark leafy greens and roots, olives, pumpkin or pomegranate seeds and cranberries. Cheeses and meats of differing sizes, textures, and flavors are best used for palate variety and aesthetics. Display on wooden boards, bowls or baskets with crackers and crispy bread.

Find the tutorial here.



Photo Credit: Hy Heart’s Desire

11. Layered Legume Hurricane

For a quick centerpiece using candles, try this layered legume hurricane idea.

Place a pillar candle (preferably apple pie or pumpkin scented) in a glass hurricane. Pour a layer of red or green dried lentils at the bottom.
Repeat with dried beans of varying colors or un-popped corn kernels. Tie a pretty ribbon around the hurricane for an extra bit of decoration or leave as is.

Find the tutorial here.


Photo Credit: Oh How Posh

12. Painted Pine Cones

Pine cones are classic holiday decorations that are free and easy to find.

For this centerpiece, grab a bunch of pine cones varying in size and dip them in paint. Jewel tones, whites, and metallics are all festive color ideas that will really pop on a Thanksgiving tabletop. Sit the pine cones on a wooden tray, in a bowl or in a glass hurricane for display.

Find the tutorial here





6 Party Chandelier Ideas


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One of the easiest ways to make a memorable impact on an empty space is to fill the ceiling. A chandelier is the perfect solution to filling this space. For a wedding, surprise your guests with something large and in charge. Here are some ideas:

  1. Floral chandelier
  2. Pom pom chandelier
  3. Ribbon chandelier
  4. Paper tube chandelier
  5. Lace hoop chandelier
  6. Paper lantern chandelier

by Brittany Jepsen of The House that Lars Built


How to make white pumpkin centerpieces

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An autumn wedding does not need to be associated only with orange, red, and brown. I found some lovely white pumpkins that can create the perfect vase for an all-white wedding. They are so easy to make that you’ll want to use them all year round.

Materials: white flowers of your choice, white pumpkins, knife, flower clippers

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Step 1: Like normal jack-o-lantern, cut a circle into the pumpkin. Don’t make it too small or too wide. Too small might look a bit funny with flowers in it, and too wide might make them fall out.

Step 2: I left all the seeds inside so it would be easier to stick the flowers in.

Step 3: Put some water into the pumpkin for the flowers.

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Step 4: Criss-cross the flowers so they hold their shape like above.

Step 5: Keep on criss-crossing until the pumpkin has a nice shape of flowers.

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Done! Aren’t they just the cutest?

Project and photography by Brittany Watson Jepsen of The House That Lars Built